Singapore aims to get through Covid19 pandemic without spike

Singapore aims to get through Covid19 pandemic without spike

Floor markings in the lift to encourage a social distancing / Photo = Newsphopick Yeseul Cho

[Newsphopick=YeseulCho] Singaporean Government laid out the strategy to fight against the novel coronavirus. The government is aiming to get through the Covid-19 outbreak without having a sharp spike in the confirmed cases or reached out to the pandemic.

The Health Minister of Singapore, Gan Kim Yong proposed the potential scenarios drawn up by academics related to the coronavirus outbreak which is about establishing herd immunity and flattening the curve.

In the first scenario, the strategy is for the Government to do nothing and allow most of the population to get infected and become immune quickly. In theory, this would cause infection rates to slow down as the population becomes more immune, or a vaccine or cure is found.

The lift have been marked out for social distancing / Photo = Newsphopick Yeseul Cho

Mr.Gan pointed out two major risks. First, an uncontrolled spike in the number of cases in a short period of time will overwhelm the healthcare system, easily resulting in high mortality rates. "There is no turning back once we are on this track."he added.

Second, it is not certain yet that this immunity will be effective or sustained. In the second scenario, known as flattening the curve, the goal is to introduce stringent safe distancing and other measures to slow down the infection rate. Although infection numbers will still grow, Singapore will end up with a lower peak of infections. 

Singapore will close bars and entertainment venues including discos and cinemas among new measures to curb the spread of the coronavirus, the health ministry said on Tuesday.

Singapore will allow malls, museums and restaurants to stay open but with additional precautions such as reduced operating capacity.

Meanwhile a key modeling study from Singapore has found that putting multiple social lockdowns in place, including school closures, will have the biggest impact on curbing coronavirus.

Quaranting infected people and their family, closing schools and imposing workplace distancing and homewokring can all limit the spread. The study found that a combination of all three is most effective in reducing cases.

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